If there were one man on your team that wanted to die, it would have been Hugo. That doesn’t make this easier, of course. But Hugo was one crazy son of a bitch.

It was more than just his guns-a-blazin’ style. That was…well, that was highly valued in this business. No, Hugo seemed to have some kind of deathwish. He never got nervous before runs. Hell, most of the time you had to wake him up as you were walking out the door.

He wasn’t lazy. And he wasn’t sloppy. The man was a surgeon with a chaingun. But he also had bravado. He always took cover last. Always had the most kills on any run. Used to run in, screaming like some kind of banshee. And your group would come in after, each time a little less shocked by the mayhem, the gore splattered across his goggles.

He went out like he came in.

You’ll be making certain [[Wulf]] knows how he felt.


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