Poor guy. He was a good man, and a good thief.

It wasn’t his fault. The plan was flawless (well, nearly flawless. Fucking [[Wulf]]). He infiltrated at 2200 (with time to pick up a latte, at that), was in position when he had to be – even conned that guard into letting him into the computer room. Silver tongue, Yménez had.

Yep, it was all going great. You went in with him to the access point. Penetrated, swapped the data, messed with the forensics so that poor salaryman would take the fall. And then the room went hot. We’re talking RED hot. Six drones, flashing lights, and plenty of bullets. You took out two of the drones and dropped behind the desk, screaming into your comm for [[Maelcum]] to take them down.

Which he did, but not before you watched Yménez’s head replaced by red mist.

You got out, but it was close. The doors opened (only thing that went right that night) just as the drones were turning around for the kill. You dove out of it and rolled down the stairs…

Point is, you got out with most of your team. And of course, the Johnson had disappeared. You got too greedy, needed the money too bad. Serves you right, you suppose, for using an unfamiliar fixer.

You won’t be making that mistake again. Then again, neither will Yménez or Hugo.


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